Hawaiian Vocab

On this page you'll find a few Hawaiian words or phrases that are used throughout Hawai'i. This list, of course, isn't meant to be exhaustive. 

'Aina: Land, Homeland
Aloha: Hi, Bye
Haole: Foreigner (esp. caucasians)
Ka'ena: Heat
Kahikole: Early morning sun
Kama'aina: Local (one who lives here)
Kane: Man
Keiki: Children
Kokua: Help (i.e. help others)
KÅ«puna: Grandparents
Lanai: Porch
Lei: Hawaiian necklace
Luau: Feast, Party
Mahalo: Thanks
Makai: Oceanside (toward the ocean)
Malama: Care (for the land)
Mauka: Mountainside (toward the mountain)
Ohana: Family
'Okina: Apostrophe-like symbol representing glottal stop before vowels (see beginning of this word)
Puka: Hole
Pupu: Snack